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Chris Waller

18 May 2024

Trip to London for breakfast at Terry's world famous cafe

Christmas is traditionally a time for connecting with family and friends but it can also be a time of loneliness, low mood and mental health struggles for some. Images in the media set expectations of the warm fuzzy Christmas which can put our own experiences and relationships or lack thereof under a spotlight. This inevitably can lead to feelings of inadequacy and loneliness for some. These feelings can crop up any time but there is pressure this time of year to go to parties, meet with friends and see family… but what if you don’t have that in your life? It might be due to a relationship break-up, bereavement, you might be a care giver, isolated due to where you live, re-located to a new area or just not having opportunity to connect with others.

With all that in mind I thought this month’s #mensmonthlysocial should be extra special. So we headed to London to take in the Christmas markets and get some grub at @terryscafelondon - top notch scran and stellar service, worth the visit.

Smashing day out with the fellas. A day of deep conversation, enjoying a change of scenery, novelty jumpers, connecting over music, laughing, belly buster breakfasts, mugs of tea, gaggles of santas and festive vibes.

There are ways to reduce feelings of loneliness. Reach out to the people in your life, you might not have seen them in a while but that doesn’t matter make the first move. Scroll through your contact list and drop someone a call. Knock a neighbour's door they might be in the same position. Connect with your local church (you don’t have to be religious) and council many across the country lay on events this time of year or contact organisations such as @ageconcernepsom for support. If you think you will be alone Christmas Day why not volunteer for the day. There are loads of worthy causes helping the homeless across the country maybe use that time to get out and help others instead of sitting home alone ruminating.

#we_power_on #mensmonthlysocial #menschristmassocial #lonelybutnotalone #mensmentalhealthawareness #suicideprevention

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