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Hi, I'm Chris
Join me on a walk

I started a local walking group for Men's mental health and fitness as a result of my own struggles with mental health.

Blokes meet for a walk and talk every Sunday come rain or shine to get troubles off their chest. We connect and share without fear or judgement.   


Over the past year 'We Power On' walk + talk has become a thriving little community that continues to grow!

Men's Sunday Social Walk + Talk
Every Sunday Morning
Epsom Downs Racecourse, 10am-11am
Meet outside the Rubbing House Pub, Grandstand side
Limited free parking available. 
The course starts flat with an incline up the racecourse to the top carpark, then down hill for the last leg back to the Rubbing House Pub
Men's Monthly Social 
To be arranged 
Meet at Epsom Social, Epsom 

If you fancy joining a walk + talk session drop me an email  so I can get an idea of numbers


How walk + talk got started

It all started during the covid lockdown. I reconnected with my old college mate who I hadn’t spoken to in while each. Whilst out on my lockdown walks I’d call my mate Roy, we’d talk about work and family life  but it wasn’t all tales of cheery we soon discovered we were both going through the mill with our mental health and general wellbeing. Roy is in Northumberland and I’m in surrey but we managed by video chat to walk and talk regularly and lean on each other for support in an already challenging time.

We talked about feeling overwhelmed with aspects of our lives, not sleeping, overeating, being out of shape, money woes and feeling low. My escalating symptoms led to a very scary episode where my fiancée thought I was having a heart attack. I tried to reassure her I was okay but who was I kidding? She knew there was something up long before I would admit it. The next step was contacting my GP she fast-tracked a referral for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which was a great help.

During one of our walks Roy shared he had thoughts of wanting to end his life. At that moment I knew I had to help him. I put into action the new found confidence gained through the CBT talking therapy. I proposed to run a marathon for him within a month. I promised to call him every day that month to update him on my progress, all I asked in return was he encourage me along the way and walk his marathon which he did with encouragement from me. I threw myself into walking and running and managed to run my very first marathon for the pair of us. It was an emotional experience a few tears were shed both for the pain and sense of achievement - no shame in my game! It was more determination than fitness that got me through that run, challenged myself like never before to reach the goal I had set. I believe talking about my problems enabled get me to get into the right head space.

Something clicked for me during that run. I felt my mind and body get stronger, I powered on knowing it wasn't just for me it was for everyone like Roy and me. I discovered that talking about what was on my mind, being honest with myself and connecting with others were the first steps towards improving my situation.

Along the way, I met other blokes who were going through similar difficulties, all ages and all walks of life. I started to invite them on my walks and so ‘we power on’ was born.

We Power On...
The ability or capacity to do something,
to flip a switch, to move forward


Read what walk + talk has done for these fellas...

"Just talking and breaking down the huge ‘issues’ I was carrying around was a great help. It feels like having a life-jacket thrown at you when you are drowning. The more I talked the more my confidence grew. I am now back in full time work and making plans for my future. Life is just better. ”

Roy - Morpeth, Northumberland

“ I’ve relied on anti-depressants for a few years. In the beginning the meds made a difference but in the last couple of years they have masked my problems and left me lethargic and foggy minded.  Didn’t have the energy to tackle my problems. My mate Chris suggested going for a walk with him to get out, get some fresh air, clear my head a bit.  Didn’t think it would do anything for me but it has. I’m fitter with more energy and feeling less burdened. Made a couple of good mates too! ”

SD -Epsom, Surrey

" Walk and talk came at right time for me. Hit my lowest point during lockdown. Felt I couldn’t talk to my wife/family through fear of shame and letting them down. I wasn’t functioning, the day-to-day became incredibly overwhelming. Really grateful Chris reached out. Makes a  difference having someone who listens who gets it. I've come out the other side  and  found my voice. ”

Alex - Ashstead, Surrey

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