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Men's Sunday Social
Walk + Talk 

If you are reading this, that's brilliant it means you are interested which also means you are probably going through some struggles at the moment.

I started the Men's Sunday Social Walk and Talk in September 2022 as a result of my own struggles and mental health decline. The first few weeks I would walk alone until one by one new members joined. WPO is now a thriving little support network.


Getting out for a walk can help your mental health, it can help reduce anxiety, depression, and a negative mood. It can also boost self-esteem and reduce symptoms of social withdrawal.  Talking about your struggles can put you on the path to healing and recovery - It's not easy to talk but once you do you will feel a weight lifted. Hopefully the group is a space where men feel comfortable enough to want to express their feelings and talk.

A bit about the walks:

🔸We meet, we walk, we talk, we listen, we support 

🔸The walks are weekly, but there is no pressure to attend weekly. As and when need it

🔸No membership fee or forms to fill in. You can be added to the WPO WhatsApp

     'check-in' group to get extra support between walks 

🔸A confidential space to talk without judgement
🔸There is no pressure to talk you may just want to listen. Listening to others can

      give new perspectives and create connections
🔸Connect with men going through similar challenges, make new friends, build your

     support network and get a sense of belonging
🔸Get out stretch your legs, breathe fresh air and give your mind space to de-clutter

🔸Walks last for a minimum of an hour then we stop for tea and a chat 

🔸If you would like to bring your dog along for a walk no problem! We are pet friendly

The Important Bits:

▶Meet outside the Rubbing House pub, on Epsom Downs every Sunday  (unless otherwise advertised) at 9.50am for a                10am start
▶Wear appropriate walking boots/clothing  as the terrain can be muddy and slippery during winter and after heavy rain
▶Participants must be over 18 (Safeguarding)
▶You are responsible for your own safety

▶If you have a serious medical condition such as a heart issue or lung  condition please seek advice from your GP                        before attending a walk
▶Be respectful to other members of the group. Support networks are built on courtesy, kindness and understanding.

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