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Men's Monthly Social

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In addition to the weekly walks we hold a monthly social meet-up for blokes to get out


Friendship droughts are very real for a lot of us blokes, myself included. Lack of mates can lead to social anxiety and prolonged loneliness which is one of the biggest contributors of male suicide. Getting out, being in the company of others, having a laugh, talking or just losing yourself in a game for a couple of hours can be a mood booster.

We are grateful to be supported by Epsom Social every month. The team at ES actively help WPO raise men's mental health awareness in the local area. The venue offers a variety of food vendors and has pool tables, board games, retro arcade games and AR darts so there are plenty to do!


If walking isn't your thing join us for an evening out

If you are interested in joining us for the next monthly social, drop us a message for details


A bit about the socials:

🔸We meet, we talk, we listen, we support and have a laugh ,after all its about                  getting out and enjoying the company of others.  

🔸No membership fee or forms to fill in. You can be added to the WPO WhatsApp

     'check-in' group to get extra support between the socials

🔸The socials are monthly, but there is no pressure to attend each month 
🔸There is no pressure to talk you may just want to get out
🔸Connect with men going through similar challenges, make new friends, build             your support network and get a sense of belonging

🔸Socials last for a minimum of an 2.5 hours

WePowerOn Monthly Social
We Power On Mens Monthly July.jpg

The Important Bits:

▶Meet Inside Epsom Social at the advertised time, you will see our designated table
▶Participants must be over 18 (Safeguarding)

▶If you have addiction surrounding alcohol please be aware alcohol is available at the venue. Whilst there is no pressure        to drink alcohol some members may choose to drink alcohol.  If an environment serving alcohol is triggering for you the        monthly social may not be the event for you
▶Be respectful to other members of the group. Support networks are built on, courtesy, kindness and understanding.

▶You are responsible for your own safety

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